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Gina Smith

I am a descendant on the McGriff side living in Miami and would like to connect. Our family is related through Christina McGriff-Jefferson daughter of Peter and Eva McGriff from Ridgeway South Carolina. There is plenty of historical information to share through my mother- Eva Joseph grand-daughter of Christina. Looking forward to connecting. Blessings and Peace.

Freddie Lewis Archer

Greetings Cousins! Looking forward to seeing many of you in Lancaster, SC this June. This message is for Cousin Briana Davis listed below. I decided last yr to become involved with a local chapter, having been active 25 yrs ago in NYC and CT. Like you, I live in the DMV and that chapter recently began planning for our 50th Reunion, in 2020. Please feel free to call my cell 202-494-6581. Would love to connect, share historical info and just meet another cousin! I'm a Brevard. BTW, this Freddie is a girl! Lol!

Gloria J Poole

PLEASE send me information.

Briana Davis

Hello All,
I am the youngest daughter of the late Pauline Vaughn Davis, the niece of the late Oscar Vaughn, the cousin of the late sisters Wilamina, Ella-bell, Margaret, Willi-Mae and Anne Vaughn all initially from Pittsburgh, PA. My sister, Stacy Taliaferro and Cousin Iris Britt, daughter of late Ceola Vaughn and I are in the MDV area. I am located in Maryland and they are in Virginia. We have a lot of history that we would like to share and connect again with the family. Peace and Blessings!

Tracey Mackey Hanton

Good afternoon!
I am a descendant of the Truesdales from Lancaster, South Carolina - I would love to find out the connection! I have been doing genealogy for quite a few years!

Brenda vaughn

Hello everyone

Freddie Lewis Archer

Dear Cousin Ken and Organizing Committee,
I am truly looking forward to reconnecting with the family. I must thank my cousin Mary Riley for sending me the information about this years' reunion, My Mom, Amie Allen James attended the very first reunion in 1970 and only missed a few until her death in 2008. She encouraged her children and any relative she could find to get involved. She was the contact for Connecticut until 2005. Thank you for all your hard work and I look forward to seeing you the 25th!
Mrs. Freddie L. Archer Brevard

Dianne M. Pappas

Virginia M. Peay
Hope to see you soon!
Dianne M.Pappas

Dianne M Pappas

Also Email
Hope to see you cousins New Orleans
Dianne M Papps
P.O. Box 183
Lancaster, SC 29721

Jamesina Campbell

Just found out about all of this. The site, the reunion, everything and I am very excited to meet the family that I never knew existed. I am looking forward to learning all that I can about my familys' history. I am related through the Peays . Cannot wait to meet as many of the family as possible. Thanks.

Nicole Gilbert

Just found the site. Very excited to get reacquainted and learn more about my family's history. I haven't been since I was a teenager in Detroit. I'm looking forward to Louisiana. This site is sure to keep our family connected. Thank you.

Frank Jackson

Great site, brother john !!!! Looking forward to more information and news of exciting things the family's are doing.... Keep up the good work on family news!!!! And see y'all in savannah!!!!

Gwen Shannon

I also, what to think Cousins Ken and John for a wonderful new site. I look forward to seeing the contributions added to the History page. So, cousins please send me info to add to your family page

Mary E Riley

Ken, Executive, and Host Committees,
This is a wonderful site. Thank you for your hard work to keep us connected and well-informed. I look forward to returning to this site often and to attending our future reunions.
Cousin Mary English Riley (Brevard)

Shirley Longmore

What a gorgeous site. It is done in such good taste. I am loving it!! Thanks to you for your hard work in getting site this on line. Praises cousin!

Cheryl Hatton

I love the look of our new site! The various links are so inspiring and interesting! Kudos to whomever has constructed this as our National Site. I look forward to seeing this site in "full bloom".
Thanks for keeping us all informed, Cousin!
Looking forward to seeing everyone soon! Let's Stay Together!
Cheryl (Thompson) Hatton
18247 Lincoln Drive
Southfield, MI 48076