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Gwendolyn K. Shannon says... (Reply)
"The Barnes Family History
Researched by Betty C. Blackmon, Great Great Granddaughter of Isaac and Matilda House- Barnes.
Isaac was born May 1849, Matilda House-Barnes, was born February, 1855. When the 1900 census was taken he was 51 and she 45. their race was identified as Black. they could not read or write. They spoke English. He was Farmer. They had been married for 25 years . And rented a home on farm 121; where they raised 9 children of 14 (5 died).
On January 1, 1863 , the Emancipation Proclamation was signed by President Abraham Lincoln. This document stated that all enslaved people were free. Prior to this time both Isaac and Matilda were enslaved. Isaac gained freedom at 14 years and Matilda at 10 years.
Isaac and Matilda were the parents of the following:
Hester, b. 1875
Moriah, b. May 1876
William, b. August 1879
Isaac Jr, b. July 1881
Bingham, b. February 1882
Joseph, b. March 1883
Jessie, b. 1888
Lizzie, b. 1889
John, b. January 1897" (2/15/19)
Ashley says... (Reply)
"This is my family" (4/20/23)