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Hello Spring



































We're cruising to the Bahamas
Good Evening Family,

This is Jelani Vanholten, the Cousins National Chairman. I'm coming to you this evening to make you aware of a few things.
The National Cousins Family Reunion Incorporated is now an official non-profit. There has been a lot of hard work behind the scenes to get this done to preserve our family traditions and goals. I'd like to thank every member of the National Executive Committee for their hard work.

Family, this June 22nd through June 27th we're cruising to the Bahamas. Please look into coming and rekindling the spirit of togetherness at our 53rd reunion. In the future, I look forward to keeping you involved, finding more ways to engage, and ultimately creating stronger bonds.
We can't do this alone, but we can do it together. Look for some up-and-coming, exciting announcements.
Be Blessed.

Let's Stay Together,
Jelani Vanholten
National Chairman

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