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Belinda Cauthen says... (Reply)
"(Note: this may be a duplicate)
My GGF is Peter "Pete" Cauthen. Acoording to online search, born 1839 in Pleadant Hill Township Lancaster. Married Amanda in 1877. Children in order- Charlotte, Mary, Martha, Jack/Johnnie, Isaac/Isac (my GF), Joseph, Jannie, Hattie, Amanda. Isaac married twice. 1st wife Bertha, children, Ruth, Isaac, John, Warner, Amanda, Joseph [+2 others]. 2nd wife Martha Ealey (my GM), children, Ollie Mae, Fred, Carnell, Mary, Betty (my mother)
Ollie Mae -Martha & Bill; Fred-Audrey, Susan, Teddi; Carnell- Stephanie; Betty-Belinda, Tamara, Tyi.
There are many many more Cauthens. I will do my best to fill in the names. MANY BLESSINGS TO ALL WHO HAVE MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR US TO FIND EACH OTHER, GET TOGETHER, AND STAY TOGETHER!!! LOL" (10/29/16)