At the last Ways and Means Committee meeting it was discussed that in anticipation for our 50th - that's right, 50th Annual Reunion, the Executive Committe would work to establish a Commemorative Book Committee to collect photos and news articles for inclusion in a proposed Cousins Coffee Table Book to be sold during our 50th Annual Reunion.

We want to get the Committe up and running early because we want this to be an exceptional commemorative article that will be shared by family for years. Personnel that are interested in participating on the committee or have insight and connections to make this dream a reality should contact Ken Shaw at or by calling 336-946-1977.

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gwen says... (Reply)
"Hi cousin ken, I have some items to contribute. And Cousin Mary Railey is our NYC Cousins Historian. So we will be happy to be working on this project." (7/30/16)
Paulette Smith says... (Reply)
"I have several photos that you may copy but I have no idea how to send them to you. Photos of:
Robert Doretha Izzard, Lucy Izzard Jones, Hattie Barnes Kidwell, Laura Barnes Izzard, Jason Todd Smith, and Paulette Jones Smith. How do I get them to you!" (1/22/19)
Cherrie Hawkins says... (Reply)
"Hello Paulette, is there anyway Jason can assist you in either scanning the photos so they can be emailed or maybe scanning the photos onto a flash drive and it can mailed to us. " (2/6/19)