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April 13, 2020




Greetings Cousins,

I hope everyone had as an enjoyable Easter as possible under the present circumstances.

I come to you today on behalf of the National Cousins Executive Board and the Washington D.C. Chapter of Cousins, with some very important information.  First, I want to let you know that on Saturday March 14th the Executive Committee met and one of the topics discussed was the growing concern regarding the Coronavirus and the possible effect it could have on our upcoming reunion. There was an in-depth discussion on the pros and cons of the virus, its possible impact, and the complexities with moving forward.  The Executive Board decided to closely monitor the news media and be guided by the DC Chapter’s updates and responses.

Secondly, the DC chapter in it’s effort to protect and look out for the well being of all the family members, and friends made a decision to cancel the reunion and submitted a document of cancellation to the officials at the hotel. The response from the hotel was that the CDC and the Governor’s Order did not cover our reunion period, thusly we were still bound by the contract, and the only way out of the contract would be to forfeit $5,700 or continue with the reunion as planned. There were several attempts to reconcile the situation, but to no avail. Following several legal consultations and a follow up contact with the hotel, we finally received word on Saturday evening April 11, 2020, that the contract was in the process of being cancelled without any financial penalty to the Cousins and the $1900.00 deposit which the DC chapter left with the hotel was being processed for our return. As we were prohibited from reporting anything other than the facts, or face litigation we decided to let the process play out and inform you at this time, so thank you for your understanding, support and patience.

You should be receiving in the next few days a notice of cancellation from the hotel, if not please immediately cancel your reservation.

Let me take this opportunity to thank the Washington D.C. chapter of Cousins for all it’s hard work and determination put forth in preparation for this year’s reunion, your efforts have not gone unnoticed.  Though this is the first time in our history the reunion has ever been cancelled, we consider this a mere bump in the road to our overall objective.


This virus graduated so swiftly to a pandemic category; then moved across the country at a rocket pace requiring the shutdown of so much in the country; and by last estimates (according to the CDC) it could possibly last up to eighteen months.  We’d like to remind each and everyone of you to practice social distancing and stay inside if you are not going out to replenish your essential items i.e. food, prescriptions etc.  Be mindful that this virus has claimed the lives of 60–75 percent of African Americans in various cities.  It’s nothing to play with, you must be careful.

In the upcoming months, various committees will be meeting with the Executive Committee to plan a path forward for the 2021 Reunion.  We will keep you updated on the future plans of the organization and the direction we are moving in, so continue to consult the Cousins Website ( and Facebook (TheNationalCousinsFamily) for all of the latest developments.

May God Bless each of you and please remain safe. Lets Stay Together

I Remain,

Cousin Othniel

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