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These by-laws of the Barnes, Brevard, Bufford, Cauthen, McGriff, Peay, Truesdale and Vaughn Family Reunion shall constitute the government of this Family Reunion.  The implementation of which shall be vested in its officers and members as herein provided.


Article I – National Officers
Section 1. The officers of this organization shall be National Chairperson, National Vice-Chairperson, National Public Relations Chair, National Secretary/ Corresponding Secretary, National Treasurer, National Parliamentarian,  National Historian National, Sergeant at Arms and National Youth Chair.
Section 2. The National Officers and Chapter Chairpersons shall constitute the Executive Committee.

Article II - Duties of Officers
Section 1. The National Chairperson shall preside at all business meetings of the Reunion and at all Executive Committee meetings of the Reunion.
(a) The National Chairperson shall be available for official business, advice and consultations to all state family units at the expense of the National budget if needed.

(b) The National Chairperson shall requisition needed expenses from the National Treasurer. These funds must be approved for disbursement by the National Treasurer.
(c) The National Chairperson shall appoint all committees that he or she deems necessary.
Section 2. The National Vice Chairperson shall assist the National Chairperson
 and perform any duties and activities on behalf of the National Chairperson in his or her absence, and also perform those duties as prescribed by these bylaws.
Section 3. The duties of the National Secretary shall be to:
(a) Keep a record of the proceedings of all national business meetings,

(b) Keep a record of all funds payable to the Reunion,

(c) Carry on the National correspondence of the Reunion,

(d) Record all written orders for disbursements of the National funds and forward the same to the National Treasurer,
(e) Provide a permanent file for all reunion records of National Business and also make annual report,
(f)  Provide an Annual report of the Ways and Means and Executive  Committee meeting at the annual Business meeting, Saturday morning,
(g) Perform other such duties as may be prescribed by these by-laws.
Section 4.  The duties of the National Treasurer shall be to:
(a) Receive and deposit all funds of the Reunion,

(b) Establish an account with a bank for deposits and disbursements of all National funds. This account should bear the signature of the National Chairperson, the National Treasurer and the National Secretary – two of the three must sign checks,

(c) Keep a business like record of all money received and disbursed and to submit such records together with all original orders for receipts for disbursement at such time as the Reunion may direct.
(d) Perform these duties or others as may be prescribed by these by- laws.
Section 5. The duties of the National Public Relations Chair shall be to submit all news of family reunion gatherings to editors of newspapers and other media sources.
Section 6. The duties of the National Historian shall be to keep records of all family activities and our history. Also, prepare  a short summary on our evolution to present day.
Section 7. The principle duties of the Parliamentarian shall be to advise the presiding officer(s) on the proper conduct of a meeting and points of order. 
Section 8. The Parliamentarian shall govern this organization during all business meetings by Robert’s Rules of Order.
Section 9. The National Chaplain -  Will offer Prayer at all Cousins meetings and if needed or requested be available for other assistance.
Section 10. The National Youth Chair - Will contact all chapters thru the chairpersons or other members and foster participation and involvement from the youth: Offer suggestions to encourage youth to plan to perform and get involved at the yearly reunions. Stay in contact with youth and help develop their program for presentation.
Section 11. The National Sergeant at Arms-  The sergeant at arms typically sets up the venue before the meeting starts: He/she ensures that everything is in order. He/she greets members, and briefs them on protocol and procedure. He/she administers sign in sheets, ensures that the meeting starts on time, checks for authorized members present, and keeps order during the meeting.

Article III – Standing Committees
Section 1. Ways and Means Committee
(a) Members of the Ways and Means Committee shall disseminate to their local Cousins all proceedings discussed and voted upon by the Ways and Means Committee at each of its meetings.
(b) The local chapters shall be responsible for the expense of their Ways and Means Committee delegates in order that he or she may attend the sessions of the Committee.
(c) Members of the Ways and Means Committee shall serve at the pleasure of the Chapter Chairs.
(d) The Cousins by-laws and new amendments will be available to the Chapter Chairs to pass to local chapters at the family reunion in order for Cousins to review new laws which were recommended by the Ways and Means Committee and approved by the Executive Board.
(e) The Chairperson shall hold the Ways and Means Committee meeting in November each year.



Article I – Election of Officers
Section 1.  The National Chairperson shall appoint the Nomination Committee and  election chairperson three months prior to the election on the year of  the election.


Section 2. The National Chairperson shall have the power to appoint the National Secretary/Corresponding Secretary, National Treasurer, National Chaplin, National Historian,  National Sergeant at Arms, National Public Relations officer, National Youth Chairperson and the National Parliamentarian.


Section 3. Selecting a National Chairperson and Vice Chairperson
(a) A profile of the nominee should be submitted to the National Secretary.

(b) Only one name per office or per chapter may be submitted. 

(c) The National Secretary will accept the names of the nominated National and Vice Chairperson  between March 1 and June 1 of the election year.
(d) The  National Secretary will turn over to the Nominating Chairperson a sealed package of the Nominees, which will thereby become the property of the Nominating Committee.

(e) The Nominating Committee and Sergeant at Arms  will confirm the eligibility of persons entering at the door.


Section 4. In the absence of nominations per By Laws chapter II , article I, section 3 c, nominations for National Chairperson and National Vice Chairperson can be made from the floor of the business meeting of an election year, provided they meet the criteria qualifications.

Criteria for eligible candidates are:
1. Must be a  member of one of the listed families (Barnes, Brevard, Bufford, Cauthen, McGriff, Peay, Truesdale, or Vaughn) .
2. Paid Reunion Registration at time of the election
3. Must be at least 30 years old
4. Must have attended at least 2 reunions in the last 4 years must submit a written profile.

Section 5. The Executive Committee shall fill a vacancy in the office of the National Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.

Section 6. In the absence of the National Chairperson and the National Vice Chairperson, the Executive Committee will appoint a presiding Officer for that meeting.

Section 7. The term of office is three years beginning June of election year. Term my be  successive.




Article I - The Reunion Weekend

Section 1. The Executive Committee and Ways and Means Committee meeting of the Reunion shall be held  Thursday evening of the Reunion.
Section 2. Chairpersons.
The National Chairperson, National Vice Chairperson and Chapter Chairpersons shall be introduced at the opening meeting of the Annual Cousins Family Reunion.

Section 3. All recommendations rules and regulations that are approved by the Ways and Means Committee,  and the Executive Committee shall be read at the annual meeting Saturday morning.  
Section 4. The location of the Annual Family Reunion shall be sent  to all Chapter Chairpersons.
  (a)  The Chairperson will brief chapters requesting the reunion.
  (b) The National Chairperson will confer/consult with  the hosting chapter of the reunion site to give aid and assistance in the planning of the Reunion as needed. 

Section 5. In the event that more than one invitation to host next reunion is extended, the body shall vote on the next location at the current reunion Business meeting.
Section 6. The host shall be responsible for making arrangements and providing for all functions during the  reunion.
(a) The advice and knowledge of the National Chairperson may be secured, if needed, in planning for all reunion activities.
(b)  The hosting Cousins shall recognize and make awards to family members that have excelled in their area of interest, talent or expertise. 

Section 7. The Reunion shall be held on the last weekend of June of each year. If there is a conflict, the Executive Committee with the knowledge and consent of the hosting Cousins will act to change the date.
Section 8. The annual Business Meeting shall be held on Saturday morning of the reunion.

Section 9. The Host Chapter is responsible for updating the directory and making it available to the family members at each reunion.

Section 10. The Host Chairperson shall be in receipt of all funds earmarked for use for entertainment of the Family Reunion. (Individual registration)


Article II – Membership
Section 1. All cousins of the Barnes, Brevard, Bufford, Cauthen, McGriff, Peay, Truesdale and Vaughn families shall be eligible to participate in the Family Reunion.
Section 2. Cousins and friends thereof shall meet all financial obligations determined by the National body and the local host in order to participate in Reunion functions. Friends shall not be permitted to vote.
Section 3. Persons not previously affiliated with the Family Reunion and wishing to become affiliated should do so by contacting his/her Point of Contact, local chair, or Executive Committee providing proof of his/her family branch.


Article I- Assessment Fee

Section 1. Assessments  shall be recommended by the Ways and Means Committee and approved by the Executive Committee.
Section 2. The assessment fee of five dollars shall be required of all registrants participating in the Family reunion.

Section 3. All National funds or assessments must be sent directly to the National Treasurer who will in turn receipt sender and then send the National secretary the name and amount received. (Chapter I, Article II, Section III-B)


Article 1- Necrology

Section 1. It shall be the duty of the Chapter Chairperson to report to the National Secretary and Host the names of all deceased members of his/her state.
Section 2. It shall be the duty of each Host Chairperson to plan and arrange a memorial service each year for deceased member(s) of the families.
Section 3. There shall be a special section in the annual book for our deceased cousins.


Article 1 -Slogan

Section 1. The slogan for the Cousins Family shall be: “Let’s Stay Together”



Article 1- Incorporation of Chapter
Section 1. Any state that desires to acquire incorporation may do so on it’s own.
The National family reunion shall in no way be responsible for any activities undertaken by said chapter. Locally incorporated chapter(s) shall not take precedence over the National Cousins Family Reunion.


Article I- Site
Section 1. At the discretion of the Host Chapter items may be sold during the Reunion weekend.
Section 2. Hospitality room refreshments shall be provided at the discretion of the hosting chapter.           
Section 3. Reunion badge or name cards of the cousins shall be distinguishable from those of their guests. The guest name card should have “guest” displayed on the name badge.
Section 4. The National register should be turned over to the Executive Staff to be corrected and forwarded to the hosting chapter for publication. The register should be turned over to the Executive staff within 30 days of the current family reunion and the Executive staff will in turn forward the register to the hosting chapter within 45 days.
Section 5. The banner should continue to read “LET’S STAY TOGETHER”.


March 2019

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