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Who Are You Cousin?
Webmaster 2 - 2/15/2019

Recently, Cousin Tracey Hanton submitted a written account of her her roots in a comment entitled "I am a Truesdale". From that comment we have begun to see others willing to share their own accounts on the Eight Family Names Tab of the website and we can’t be any happier!

KEEP IT COMING! We also have a photo and comments from members of the Peay Family (from Jamesina Campbell) and a bit of Barnes Family history (researched by Betty Blackmon and submitted by Gwen Shannon).

To add your bit of history, go to the Cousins website; click on the “more” tab to see a drop down of available options and click on The Eight Family Names. Choose your family line and add a comment. Email me at for uploads of period pictures or other historical items. If you prefer to “tweet” your history proudly, check us out at

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